About Us


The view from 11000 meters!

Welcome to the site of Poly Ed!

Poly Ed was founded by Andrew Sabatino, a teacher with more than 15 years of experience.  Andrew has taught both privately and in the classroom, and is excited to now be offering small group classes in addition to individual instruction.  Andrew has a BS and MS in electrical engineering from Columbia University, and looks forward to working with students of all ages.  Andrew also has extensive experience preparing students for standardized tests.

Whether we’re introducing your child to a STEM (science, technologies, engineering, mathematics) discipline for the first time or helping your teenager grasp a subject in school that has proven unusually challenging, our goal at Poly Ed is to help students understand the interconnections between disciplines.  Students will immerse themselves in a subject while learning the extent to which STEM disciplines underpin our modern world.

Our classes are small and personal, and are held in our new lab at 2350 Broadway between 85th and 86th Street.  Due to our small class size, we anticipate full enrollment for the robotics classes and math circles.

If you are interested in pursuing an individual course of study not mentioned on our website, please feel free to contact us, we would be happy to discuss your ideas!