Raspberry Pi Touchscreen Installation

How to Install the Matchbox-Keyboard for your Pi

1. Connect a physical keyboard to the Raspberry Pi (or SSH into it if that’s your thing.)

2. Connect to the internet via WiFi or Ethernet.

3. Open the terminal.

4. Type sudo apt-get install matchbox-keyboard

5. Let the program download & install (takes 30s-1min depending on your connection.)

6. Exit the terminal & reboot your Pi.

7. The keyboard can be found by clicking the Menu -> Accessories -> Keyboard.


Operating System Support

In order to be sure you’re running the latest version of Raspbian, connect your Raspberry Pi to the Internet and then open LX Terminal.  Type ‘sudo apt-get update’ to download the latest version of the OS.  Once that’s complete, type ‘sudo apt-get upgrade’ to apply the download to your Raspberry Pi.  That way you’ll have all of the latest drivers and software needed to support the touch screen display.

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