Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow Roles


Each night, the werewolves pick 1 (this can change with the Personnages expansion pack) player to kill. The victim can be anyone except the Moderator, including other werewolves. The next day, they pretend to be a villager and try to seem unsuspicious. The number of werewolves in a game varies depending on the number of players.


They don’t have any special power except thinking and the right to vote.

Seer/ Fortune Teller/ Oracle

Each night, they can discover the real identity of a player. They must help the other villagers but discreetly to not be found by werewolves.


If they are killed by werewolves or eliminated by vote, they must immediately kill another player of their choice.


The first night, Cupid chooses 2 players and make them fall in love, then becomes a villager. If one dies, the other dies too. A lover can’t vote against the other lover. If the lovers are a villager and a werewolf, their objective changes; they must eliminate all the players except them.


She has two potions:

  • one to save the werewolves’s victim
  • one to eliminate a player

She can only use each potion once during the game. She can use both potions during the same night. She can save herself if she has been attacked by the werewolves on the first night.

Little Girl

The little girl can secretly look at the werewolves during their turn. If she is caught in the act, she dies instead of the victim. Because she will be scared to death, or depending on how you play the werewolves will kill her later on in the game. It is also possible for her to die immediately along with the victim and can not be saved.


This card is given to a player besides their card. They are elected by a vote. This player’s vote counts for two instead of one. If they die, they will decide who will be the next Sheriff/Chief. The Sheriff/Chief can be of any role, including a werewolf.


If the thief is played, two cards more than the number of players need to be played. After each player receives a card, the two cards are put in the center of the table. The thief can,they want to, during the first night, exchange their cards with one of those cards that they will play until the end of the game. If the two cards are werewolf, the thief has to take one of the two werewolf cards, until the end of the game.

Game’s turns

1st Night Only

  • Thief
  • Cupid
  • Lovers

Every night

  • Werewolves
  • Little Girl
  • Seer
  • Witch